Thursday, February 11, 2010

Potty Time

Its been awhile so i figured i would check in!! Ian pooped in potty for the first time w my mom yesterday 2/10/2010!!! Mom said kassidy was on big toilet and Ian ran in and said, "poo poo poo poo" . so mom pulled off his diaper and sat him on potty and he did! BUT he got up before he was completely finished and made a mess ! oops... way to go handsomes!! He is now 21mths and we are already planning his bday party for May 1st!! its gonna be sooo much fun!! :) my baby is growin up sooo fast!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Growing too fast!!!

Ian is already 15mths this month and is trying to hard to talk and communicate w me.. HE gets so frustrated when i do not know what he is saying.. Most of the time i just know, by the way he looks at me and starts his jibber jabber, i answer him and im usually right about what he is trying to say.. Every a.m, when we are leaving to drop him off w my mom so i can head to work he stops and asks me if he can bring a toy....(he doesnt say that but i know) He then looks around picks up anything, whether it be his blanket, a elmo doll, a book he HAS to grab something and he holds it up jibber jabbers some more until i say,"yes baby you can bring that." and out the door we go.... Of course dropping him off isnt always that easy.. I tell him he is going to work w grandma, so i can go to work. I also tell him his daddy will pick him up later and take him home.. He just smiles and starts laughing... When we arrive at moms, he is so ready to get out, he runs in the store looking for my niece and if she is already there he is soo happy to see her he kisses and hugs her and kisses me bye w/o hesitation.. But if she is not there, sometimes i have to sneak out while my mom distracts him.. I kiss him bye and run out.. and sometimes when i look back he is pressing his little chubby hands and face against the glass door and i can see his mouth saying "mama" and start to whine... its the saddest thing ever.....:( But i always call my mom within a few minutes after leaving to make sure he is ok.. she always says he is fine.... Its really one of the saddest things I have to go through w him.. I can only imagine what its going to be like on his first day of school, and i DONT WANNA think that will be anytime soon!! But he is growin so fast i know it wont be long.............. :(

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ian chilling at the park w his daddy.. aug 2009